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Whether or not to install finished interior walls on your garage by Williamsburg Garage Door Repair is mostly a matter of preference. The only time wall surfaces are required to be repair by Garage Door Repair Williamsburg NY is when your garage shares a wall with your house (an attached garage) or if one of the walls in your detached garage runs parallel to the house and is constructed within 3 feet of the house. In both cases only the shared or closest walls need to be finished to block the spreading of fire. Typically, a wall covering of 1/2″-thick (minimum) drywall with taped seams is required. Some circumstances may demand that you install fire-rated, Type X drywall or a double layer of drywall. The seams between drywall panels on fire blocking walls must be finished with tape embedded in joint compound or with adhesive-backed fire blocking tape.

If the area above the garage determined by Garage Door Repair Williamsburg is occupied by a habitable room, the garage walls should be covered with 1/2″ drywall to provide rigidity and structure, and the ceiling should be finished with 5/8″-thick Type X drywall. Ceiling seams should be covered with tape and compound. Fastener heads do not need to be covered with compound except for visual reasons. If your goal is to create a garage with walls that are finished to interior standards or serve to prevent fire spreading, then drywall is an excellent wall covering. Although the price and availability of diverse building materials fluctuates rather dramatically, drywall is typically one of the more economical choices. But because drywall is relatively susceptible to damage from impact (for example, from tools or bicycles) and doesn’t withstand exposure to moisture well, many homeowners choose other wall coverings for their garage. Exterior siding panels are thick enough to hold fasteners and withstand moisture well but are relatively costly, and most have a rougher texture that some find bothersome on interior spaces. Interior paneling has only minimal structural value and some styles are fairly inexpensive, but it may be more visually pleasing to you.

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According to Professional Garage Door Repair Williamsburg NY, Plywood and oriented strand board (OSB) are popular products for garage walls. Thicker panels (1/2 to 3/4″ thick) give excellent rigidity to the walls and are suitable for holding some fasteners. They can be left unfinished, clear-coated for protection with polyurethane finish (or comparable), or you may choose to paint them. A lighter colored wall paint in semi-gloss or gloss is a good choice. Sheet goods that have a pleasing color or woodgrain may be finished with either a clear coating or a protective deck/siding stain. Lauan plywood underlayment, for example, has a natural mahogany color that can be pleasing when treated with a reddish exterior stain or clear coat. It is also inexpensive but it is thin (1/4″ on average) and can only support very light-duty fasteners with little load, such as a stickpin holding a wall calendar.Contact Williamsburg Garage Door Repair technicians anytime.