Tips for Slatted Shelving Systems for Oyster Bay Garage Doors


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Have you ever marveled at those floor-to-ceiling, slatted-track wall storage systems used for product display in many retail stores? You might not think of that approach as a viable option for your garage according to Garage Door Repair Oyster Bay NY, but slatted wall systems are definitely available to consumers—and they’re easy to install. The slatted panels are made of PVC or composite material in 4 or 8″ pieces and in a variety of colors. Panels are packaged in cartons that cover between 30 to 40 square feet of wall space. According to Oyster Bay Garage Door Repair the panel color is blended through the material, so slatted wall systems never need painting. Panels are washable and waterproof, making them perfect for a damp garage. Best of all, slatted wall systems can be outfitted with a variety of hooks, brackets, baskets, shelving, and even cabinetry to store just about anything. Aside from the hanging accessories, manufacturers also offer color-matched screw plugs, trim pieces for surrounding outlets, switch plates, and baseboard and moldings for accommodating room corners.

Installing a slatted wall system is a straightforward project according to  Garage Door Repair Oyster Bay . The installation methods do vary quite a bit, depending mostly on whether you select standard or heavy-duty products. Whatever the method, you need to locate and mark the wall studs in the project area and snap a plumb chalk line to establish the height of the bottom row of slatted panels. Depending on the system you choose, you can attach the panels by driving screws through them and into the wall studs or by attaching clips to the wall first and hanging the panels on the clips. Panels can be attached end-to-end with interlocking dowels and then hung as longer pieces. Then, each subsequent row clips to the row below it for an unbroken, seamless look. According to Expert Garage Door Repair Oyster Bay NY Slatted wall panels can be cut, drilled, and sanded with ordinary tools, so there are no special bits or blades to buy.

TIP: A slatted wall system combines easy installation, durability, and a range of hanging accessories to form an integrated solution for most any garage storage need. It can be customized for differing load demands, it’s fairly easy to install, and it has a more finished appearance with greater durability than pegboard.

Oyster Bay Garage Door Repair – Tools & Materials
• Tape measure
• Chalk line
• Level
• Circular saw
• Drill
• Wood glue
• Slatted wall panels
• Wall clips and connective dowels
• Screws

If your slatted wall plan calls for making a corner with the material, the easiest way to treat the panels is to butt one panel against another at inside corners or to miter cut the mating panel ends at outside corners. Most slatted wall system manufacturers also sell corner trim that may be installed on outside corners for a neater appearance.Contact Oyster Bay Garage Door Repair expert.