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Garage Door Repair Flushing NY – How to Insulate Your Garage Walls

1. According to Garage Door Repair Flushing NY use faced fiberglass insulation batts to insulate your garage walls. Staple the backing tabs to the wall studs, driving a staple every 8 to 10″. The tabs should be perfectly flat against the studs to block air movement. Do not compress the insulation.

2. Work around obstacles in the wall cavities. For wiring cables and conduit, split the batts by separating them into two layers. Tuck the unfaced layer behind the cable or conduit and then install the faced layer over both.

3. Fit the batts around electrical boxes by cutting the insulation with scissors, not by stuffing it. Tuck a small piece of the insulation behind the box if there’s room.

4. Cut around windows and doors. According to Flushing Garage Door Repair lay a batt on a piece of scrap plywood with the facing down. Set a wide straightedge, such as a metal rule, across the batt at the cutting point. Press down on the straightedge to compress the insulation and then slice through with a sharp utility knife. Be sure to wear gloves and face protection (such as a respirator).

Garage Door Repair Flushing – How to Hang Drywall in a Garage

1. According to Flushing Garage Door Repair cut drywall pieces to fit around doors and windows. Take special care if you are covering a firewall since any gaps will need to be filled with joint compound and taped over. Make straight cuts that run full width or length by scoring through the face paper with a utility knife and then snapping along the scored line. Finish the cut by slicing through the paper of the back face.

2. Begin installing drywall panels in a corner. You can install the panels vertically or horizontally, depending on the wall height and how much cutting is involved. Garage walls are seldom a standard 8 ft., as are interior walls. If you are finishing a ceiling with drywall, cover the ceiling first so you can press the tops of the wall panels up against the ceiling panels. This helps support the ends of the ceiling panels. Drive coarse 1-1/4″ drywall screws every 16″.

3. Mark and make cutouts for electrical and utility boxes. According to Local Garage Door Repair Flushing NY use a drywall saw, key whole saw, or spiral-cutting saw to make the cutouts. Make sure the edges of the front boxes are flush with the face of the drywall (move the boxes, if necessary). Finish installing all panels.

4. Cover seams between drywall panels with joint compound; use drywall tape on walls that serve as firewalls. Cover tape with two layers of feathered-out joint compound, and then cover all fastener heads if you will be painting the walls. Give the panels a coat of drywall primer before painting.Contact Flushing Garage Door Repair expert.